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SPORT Team Tryouts

For the first time ever we are holding a team tryout. This will be a two day tryout. Friday, February 23 and Friday, March 22. The girls will need to be present for both days. We will keep it informal and more like a class to see how the girls interact with the coaches. They will get a chance to watch the upper level girls currently on team. 


Event Info

Two Days: Friday, February 23 & Friday, March 22

Time: 3:30pm-5pm

Cost: $85

Girls must have a cartwheel, roundoff, back bend, pullover on bars and handstand on beam to tryout. 

She does not have to be a current student to tryout. 

Please email Taryn at to sign up.

Information About Team

Our competitive team is a 1 year commitment. It starts every June and finishes in May. Practice is 2-3 days per week. Our official season is January thru April. We will occasionally do one competition in the fall. We are going to Anaheim, California next year. The rest of our competitions will be within driving distance (Tri-Cities, Spokane, Seattle, Portland, etc.). Cost ranges from $350-$400 per month for the first year depending what level they start at. 

This program is about building confidence, making friends, learning discipline, and pushing themselves outside of their comfort zones. Gymnastics is also a great base for other sports. Our gymnasts go on to do pole vaulting, diving, swimming, cheer, volley ball, dance and more.

You will get a chance to talk to Coach Taryn after the class on March 22. We only have a couple spots available on team for next year. We may not make decisions until the week after the last tryout.

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