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Please stay close & be aware of your kiddos. This is a parent supervised play time.


No adults on the equipment. We are a kid's facility.


No food, drinks, or gum in the gym. Please help us keep the gym (and our new floor) clean.


One way on the trampoline. Please have kids run down the “purple road” all the way to the "START" sign and then jump only towards the doors.


Be aware of the Rope Zone. Please have kids go around the colored lines that designate the rope zone. 


Do not go under the trampoline. Please ask for staff assistance if you need something from under the trampoline.


No jumping off the top of the rock wall, rope, or high beam. Please climb back down.


Mind the "Staff Only" signs and please ask the staff for assistance. If your child would like to play with something specific or if you have any questions about what equipment you can get out.

Play Gym, Family Gym, and PlayGroup Rules

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