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Being a gymnast is having the strength to hold on, and the courage to let go.

As the sport of gymnastics changes and evolves, so does our competitive program.  We strive to offer competition to gymnasts of all levels from beginning to advanced. 


Gymnastics is a great sport for kids to challenge themselves while having fun and being part of a cooperative group or team.  Many life long lessons are learned throughout the years as the gymnast strives to learn new skills and move to higher levels.  One of the most difficult things for athletes to do is to challenge themselves with new goals and to never give up - even when it gets tough.  Our coaching staff encourages all team members with positive reinforcement and reminds them that it takes patience and perseverance to succeed.  


Our staff knows the importance of having fun.  Athletes who enjoy what they do work harder and learn more.  We create a fun and exciting atmosphere for our gymnasts to reach their potential.  We do this with fun fitness games, group activities and contests.


Competition teaches confidence, sportsmanship, and teamwork.  Respect is very important here at S.P.O.R.T.  We teach our athletes to respect their teachers, teammates and themselves.  Instead of focusing on winning, we teach our gymnasts to focus on bringing their best performances and helping their teammates to do the same. A gymnast, who can learn to bring that kind of focus to every competition, will be able to transfer that focus to anything, be it school, college, other sports, work, or helping out at home.  Our competitive Xcel program is for everyone who wants this kind of experience.  Xcel is great because it was created for everyone.  Every gymnast can compete the skills she has instead of stressing about the skills she does not have. Everyone moves up at their own pace. This is a great program to build confidence, respect, perseverance and other great characteristics in your young athlete. 

This program is also a great way to make life long friends.

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