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Disinfecting and Social Distancing Procedures

We are committed to protecting our students, families and staff. 


Please help us stay open by wearing a mask. Kids ages 5 and up need to wear masks while in our facility. They are able to pull the masks down while doing activities on their stations. Teachers will be wearing face shields. 

What we will be doing:

1. Disinfecting mats, equipment and surfaces in between each class.

2. Teach classes with social distancing in mind. 

3. We will be cutting back on the number of students per class.

4. Staff will be washing hands before and after every class. 

5. The teachers will avoid skills that require spotting.

6. We will be suspending stamps for the time being.

7. Classes will be ending 10 minutes early to allow for proper cleaning time.

What you can do:

1. Please make sure your child does not have a temperature before bringing them in.

2. Send a water bottle with your child to avoid using the drinking fountain.

3. If you are comfortable, we would appreciate you dropping your child off instead of coming in. 

4. Avoid bringing in siblings who are not participating in class.

5. If you or your child is sick please stay home. 

If you or your child has had covid symptoms in the last 72 hours, had a temperature above 100 degrees in the last 72 hours or been in contact with someone who tested positive in the last two weeks, please keep your kiddo home.

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