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Homeschool PlayGroup

Next Session
Every Thursday, 1:00pm-2:30pm
January 4th - February 29th
Ages 10 & Under
$90 for Session 2: 9 visits

Homeschool PlayGroup was launched due to a growing need for physical activities for kids available during regular school hours.

We want to provide a place for your kids to come jump and run around, get some energy out, and play with friends all while building body awareness,

coordination, and strength.

PlayGroup is non-structured and parent supervised*.

Ages 10 & under eligible.

Homeschool PlayGroup sessions:

Session 1: October 5th - November 30th   $80

Session 2: January 4th - February 29th  $90

Session 3: March 7th - April 25th                $70

Miss the beginning of the session? No worries! As long as there are still spots, you can join and we will pro-rate the rest of the session. Single drop-ins are not allowed.

*no drop-offs allowed.

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