Ages: 0 - 10
This is unsupervised play time for
you and your child.
Register online or drop in.
Play Gym is capped at 30 children.
Please register online if you'd like
a guaranteed spot.
There will only be 10 drop ins available per session.
**Card will be charged upon registration.
For family rate, price will be adjusted before being charged.
11:15am - 12:15pm


$8.00 per child or $12 per family
(must be siblings)
You are responsible for supervising the safety of your children.

Play/Family Gym Punch Card

Pay for 9 visits and get the 10th free. 

Single: $72.00

Family: $108.00


Play Gyms and Family Gyms are capped at 30 children. Thank you for understanding. 

Enforcement of
Play/Family Gym
Safety Rules:

We are now enforcing the ONE WAY RULE on the tumble trak for safety reasons. Please make sure to teach your child to go the correct way down the trampoline then get down and go back to the beginning on the purple carpet. Please stay close and make sure they watch out for others. 

Please follow the rules
posted in the gym.
Thank You!